Services Offered


*All new clients will have an initial free home visit from us, to discuss their requirements, fill in a pet registration form and for us to meet you and your pet(s).  This is essential and no service can be undertaken until this has taken place.*




Dog walking and Day Care

Our fun group dog walks last at least 1 hour*, sometimes longer, depending on where we are walking and if we are all enjoying ourselves too much!  As the hour starts from when we arrive at the walk and not at pick-up from your home, your dog will be with human company and other dogs for over the hour you pay for, which makes them great value for money. 

Here at No More Lonely Pets, we think that generally, dogs have much more fun and get a lot more exercise when allowed off lead, so would prefer to walk them off lead wherever possible, however they are kept on leads near roads, live stock etc, or if they are unsuitable to be let off lead. 

  • 1 hour group dog walk*, your dog will have a fun time playing with other dogs, great for their exercise and socialisation.  Your dog must be non-aggressive with other dogs and you must be happy to have them transported in a safe vehicle to book this service.

  • If you are looking for longer company for your dog, we can offer a day care option.  Your dog will be picked up, from your home, between the hours of 8:30 - 9:30am and dropped back at 4:30 - 5:30pm (guaranteed 8 hours with us).  They will have a fun filled day of 2 to 3 walks, with plenty of time in between for relaxation or play.

For the above services, your dog must be sociable with people and other dogs and be used to being driven to walks etc.  For the day care service, your dog must be over a year old and reasonably fit to cope with at least 2 walks a day.  

*If the weather is extremely hot, we may take a decision to make a walk shorter, for the health and safety of the dogs in our care.


Overnight stays and evening pet-sits

We can also offer overnight stays in your own home, generally from 8pm to 7am, we can also offer daily walks/pop in visits as required (extra charges may apply).  Ideal for if you are away and don't want to have to put your dog in kennels.

If you are just away for the evening, we are happy to offer pet-sitting (like baby sitting, but for your furry children!). 






Cat and Small animal care

If you are going away, or are out for the day, we can come and feed pets, clean them out, give them fresh water etc. and of course give them some cuddles! We can also, on request, make your house look occupied, by moving post, closing curtains etc (see our empty house service below)

All pets are considered, including outside pets, such as chickens etc.


Horse Care

Having owned horses and been riding  for 36 years, we can offer a horse care service.  This can be as simple as checking your horses are well, to mucking out, feeding and turning out.

We are also willing to consider other larger animals, such as pigs, goats etc...



Empty house care

Whilst visiting your pets, we can make your house look a bit less empty whilst you are away.   Post piling up is one of the biggest give-aways that the owners are away, we can put your post somewhere hidden from outside view.  We can also open and close curtains, turn lights on and off - all to give the appearance of someone being in.  We are also happy to water house plants.  

We can also offer this service if you don't own any pets

Pet taxi service

If your pet needs to visit the vet, be taken to kennels etc, and you are either at work or don't have transport, then we can take your pet for you.  If it is a visit to the vet, we will take them in and bring them back safely to your home. 



Keys Pick-up

If we need to have your house keys to provide our services, we will generally pick them up at the free consultation.  If you are unable to provide them then and need us to come and collect them then there will be an extra fee, charged at the rate of an extra visit.  This charge will also apply if you need us to drop them back to you when the service ends.