More Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here, but below are some common queries:

Q: Will my pet be safe with you?

A: Yes, we take responsibility for your pet very seriously, please rest assured that your animal will be in capable hands.

Q: Do you take dogs out in large groups?

A: We never walk more than six dogs at a time.  We only take dogs out in a group walk, that are suitable in temperament and behavour, so that we are always in control and each dog is safe.

Q: What if my pet has an accident?

A:  We would get him/her to the vet and call you as soon as possible, we are qualified pet first aiders, so could provide emergency first aid in the first instance.

Q: Will you let my dog off the lead?

A: Until your dog is completely used to us, we will only walk him/her on a lead.  After a suitable amount of time we can negotiate letting them run off the lead, but only if they have good re-call, have a suitable temperament and the client has given signed permission.

Q: My pet has special requirements, how will you know about these?

A:  We fill in a form for each and every pet, on which we will note any likes/dislikes, specific needs and any owner requests.

Q: Are you insured

A: Yes we are fully insured, which covers your pet, keys and public liability.

Q: Will my keys be kept securely?

A: Yes each key will be kept in a combination-lock safe, that is bolted to the wall, and only labelled with a code system, they are also covered by our insurance.

Q: Do you refuse to take on any dogs?

A:  We will only refuse to take on a dog that is vicious to people.  If it is aggressive to other dogs, then we will insist that it is kept on a lead, muzzled and only taken on a solo walk.  Some dogs do not adapt well to a group walk, and if this is the case, then we may suggest that a private walk is best. 

Q: How do will you transport my dog, if the nearest walk is a drive away?

A: We transport pets in a Ford Custom van, which has had the bulk-head removed, is fully air-conditioned and fitted with different-sized cages, so each dog can have their own private travelling space.  Each cage also has a travel bowl for constant access to water, a temperature-controlled fan for very hot days and vet-bed for ultimate comfort.  The cages are all barred and not solid-sided, so the dogs can get plenty of light, air and can see each other.  In fact , the dogs travel in more luxury than we do!

Q: What experience with animals do you have?

A:  I have grown up with animals all my life, owning dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, snakes and more!  I have also worked in a vets as an assistant nurse for many years.

Q: Do you only look after regular pets, such as cats, rabbits, dogs etc... I have an exotic pet.

A:  We take on all types of pets (except venomous varieties), and have experience of a wide variety of animals.

Q: I only need you for a few days of the year, is there a minimum amount you will take a new client on for?

A: No, we are more than happy to take on ad hoc clients, as well as regulars.