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    This week has seen me starting to look after the two lovely greyhounds Buzz and Heidi.   They have such sweet personalities:  Buzz is always very pleased to see me and gives me a big lick - gets excited about going out, but if he doesn't want to walk any further, digs his feet in and won't budge!   Heidi is very affectionate, but a bit more reticent about new people, although she has become a lot more trusting of me this week and now runs to greet me. 


    Buzz enjoying the sun



    The weather has been glorious this week (mostly) and it was lovely on Friday to go for a horse ride on Ashdown Forest.   We timed it just right and didn't get caught in the rain and was so nice to get in the saddle again.

    With two walks with Velvet and Florence on Saturday, we had an energetic and fun end to the week.  My two children came with me, which is great as it keeps us all fit and gives them some lovely healthy fresh air.  Florence and Velvet love the kids and they all run around together! 



  2. I have had a good week, the weather has seen fit to become more spring-like, which has made for some lovely walks.  I walked Aaike today, I haven't seen her since before Easter, so it was lovely to see her again, and judging by the welcome she gave me, the feeling was mutual!  We went for a nice walk to a local park and she loved all the attention she got from passers by.

    I gained two more clients this week... I will be looking after two lovely greyhounds every monday - thursday, in their own home, they really are gorgeous dogs and I am looking forward to getting to know them.  I also will be occassionally walking a sweet Jack Russell at weekends - my kids will love walking her with me and it gives us something healthy to do as a family.

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    There are a lot of lambs in the fields alongside our walks at the moment and so it is quite timely to give a bit of advice for dog owners.  Sheep are very skittish and this can excite even the most placid of dogs, so it is important to be vigilant for grazing livestock, especially at this time of year.  If you are nearing livestock (particularly sheep), please put your dog on a lead, any dog is capable of chasing animals and a sheep's sudden movements can set something off in a dog that has previously shown no interest.  Too many times have I heard about ewes and lambs being killed by dogs - the dog doesn't even have to 'savage' the animal, often it is just the stress of the chase that kills them.   It can be deadly for the dog too - farmers have been known to shoot dogs seen worrrying livestock.