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  1. Keeping your dog safe in hot weather

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    Dogs can overheat very quickly and are at risk of heat stroke on the hot summer days we have been having recently.  Here are some tips to keep your dog cool in extreme temperatures....

    1. Try and make your house as cool as possible:  keep windows open whilst it is cooler outside early morning and late evening, then close them once the air outside is hotter.  Keep blinds or curtains closed during the heat of the day. If you lucky enough to have air conditioning, turn it on, or use portable fans to circulate the air
    2. Make sure your dog always has access to fresh water to hydrate.
    3. Don't walk your dog in extreme heat.  The heat dogs can be walked in varies according to their size (overweight or large dogs will be more susceptable to heat stroke), breed - Brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds such as pugs, bull dogs etc are less able to withstand hot conditions, age and fitness levels.  The chart below will help, but most of us know our own dogs and if your dog is panting, then it is getting hot.
    4. Walk at the beginning or end of the day, when it is cooler and choose a nice shaded woods, don't let them run around too much and definitely don't throw balls etc for them.  Keep an eye on your dog for panting and cut the walk short if necessary.
    5. NEVER leave your dog in a car, the heat builds in a car extremely quickly and can be dangerously hot within minutes.
    6. Paddling pools or streams are a great way for your dog to cool down, but are not advisable when the weather is extremely hot, as they will give you a false sense of coolness out in hot sunshine. 
    7. Avoid hot pavements, they can get very hot and burn your dogs paws, check wih your hand to feel how hot they are.
    8. Finally, if in doubt, stay indoors, no dog ever died from  missing a walk!

    temperature chart for walking dogs